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The Bridge Builder Institute

A Membership and Safe-Space Learning Community that helps everyone interested in intentional workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion create change through building strong foundations with research-based and solutions-oriented learning.
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If you’ve found yourself on this page...

You deeply understand that there is POWER in inclusivity! 

(And we're not just saying that because it *feels good*.) 

Inclusive teams outperform individual decision-makers a whopping 87% of the time!

But that's not all…

  • Diverse companies enjoy 2.3X higher cash flow per employee
  • 43% of companies with inclusive boards saw higher profits
  • Highly gender-diverse executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform on profitability
  • Teams who foster inclusion are 35% more likely to outperform industry medians’ financial returns
  • And companies who bolster ideas from underrepresented groups are 70% more likely to capture new markets!

That means companies that do the deep DEI work have a proven, substantial advantage collaboratively, competitively, and financially.

It’s amazing what can happen when EVERYONE feels comfortable showing up as their whole selves!

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DEI is also NO LONGER optional! 

Beyond a moral and ethical issue, it is now an essential business practice for those who want to attract and retain the most innovative talent in the twenty-first century.

When investing in DEI, companies experience:

25% Higher Investment Success

45% More Innovation Revenue

58% Increase in Decision Accuracy

…And 48+ percent of GenZ’ers identify as people of color. That's almost half of the workforce!

BUT... you’re feeling up against the way things have always been wall.

  • Reading books on inclusion just doesn’t cut it when you need actual, tangible solutions that shift paradigms
  • You know how to create social and political change in your community but when it comes to the workplace? Not so much. 
  • You’ve never had any formal training in DEI and you feel like an impostor trying to piece it all together from the internet.
  • You want to remove the cringe factor from workplace inclusivity without making anyone feel uncomfortable -or- burdening others with emotional labor 
  • You know this work is important but you’re secretly worried diving in will just make you feel really bad about yourself and the state of the world. 

You're noticing the biases, reading the articles, you're having the conversations (or really wanting to)... KUDOS to YOU! 


But you're not sure how to close the gap between DEI and your actual workplace situation…. 

… And you're left wondering how you (or your team) can be part of the solution

In other words, the future of your company depends on its ability to be an inclusive workplace.

…And your partnerships, relationships with employees, and vendors depend on your allyship too!

The good news?

 Everyone can encourage the representation and participation of underrepresented groups and shift the focus towards inclusivity. 

When more people are equipped to create inclusive environments, it will help ALL of us thrive!

Wouldn't it be great if you had… 

  • A safe space to learn, understand and grow your DEI capabilities without overstepping boundaries or worrying about making things unintentionally uncomfortable 

  • Guidance to influence your organization’s DEI initiatives with authentic solutions without the demeaning “savior” nonsense 

  • The improved financial results, innovation, organizational and team performance that diverse viewpoints can bring

  • A workforce that is inclusive and representative of its culture and customer base

  • A safe way to identify your privileges and build bridges toward an inclusive work environment without feeling shamed

  • Tangible, trustworthy resources to expand your thinking with an emphasis on self-reflection and real-world strategies 

  • And actionable things that you can do today to make a real difference 

Once you feel empowered, we can bring about the biggest changes together!


A research-based and solutions-oriented interactive learning community for individuals and organizations to gain the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leadership skills they need to create actionable and impactful change!

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YOU can be a powerful ally to create the workplace of tomorrow where everyone thrives and shows up whole!

 By joining the Bridge Builder Institute you are taking the next powerful step toward creating inclusion for all!

Inside the Bridge Builder Institute… 

We will explore strategies for improving organizational operations like recruiting, hiring, onboarding, retention, mentoring, meetings, and performance reviews that maximize long-term DEI impact.

You will be able to…

  • Examine yourself and the professional realms you occupy
  • Diversify business thinking and turn privilege into potential
  • Make the moral and business case for inclusion
  • And take actionable steps towards greater inclusion for everyone! 

Join this powerful movement to create truly inclusive workspaces and take an active role in becoming a catalyst for change!

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"I would say, although this can be very difficult work... and it is... it can also be the most amazing, fun, and fulfilling work there is. The summit was one of the most fulfilling, engaging, and productive weekends in my life in regards to my “personal transformation journey."



We believe all of the solutions for all of the world's problems already exist. 

They just haven't been heard because the people who hold them do not have the threshold to share their ideas. 

By helping organizations shed practices that are inequitable and non-inclusive, we can FINALLY lay the groundwork for everyone’s brilliant ideas to be uplifted, heard, and acted on! 


Hey there, I’m Deanna… 

I'm the founder of Uplifting Impact, and author of Actions Speak Louder. Because of my mission and dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I’ve been recognized as a leading authority in building innovative opportunities within underserved communities.  

A few of my recent and honored awards include the 2022 Women of Influence award from the Milwaukee Business Journal and the Moonbeam Award for my Pre-teen book with American Girl.

I’ve spent almost 20 years researching, designing, and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges, and I want to share these valuable skills with you so you can also be a changemaker in your workplace. 

My intention is to create more equitable, inclusive, and profitable environments and help you engage more authentically with everyone in your communities. 


Hey, I’m Justin…  

I feel passionate about weaving the academic understanding of inclusion with the political and the personal so we can all appreciate the complexity of the issues we face while bringing clarity to our personal responsibility.

I’m a professor of Ethnic Studies, African American Studies, and Ethnic Minority Literature, and I’ve published in numerous journals and books on the issues of race and identity politics, exploring ways to bridge the gap. 

As a Co-Founder of Uplifting Impact, I help organizations and leaders consider connections between the historical past, the social present, and a more just future.


The Bridge Builder Institute is a safe space to expand your knowledge, learn action-oriented techniques and prepare to create more impact. 


While we're talking statistics, did you know the people you surround yourself with determine up to 95% of your success?!

The people you’re with have a huge impact on your growth, your motivation, and your ability to face challenges with strength and determination

You might not have many close friends, colleagues, or folks in your network who are experts on workplace DEI— which means you don’t have a well-resourced network in place, or people to call for advice when things get tricky. 


That's why having a supportive, uplifting, and radically honest community is an essential component of creating lasting changes. 

Become a Bridge Builder and let us show you how to:

  • Navigate uncomfortable conversations around topics like race, gender, sexual orientation, and more
  • Take inclusive action every single day 
  • Create an inclusive workplace community 
  • Become more impactful in your individual and organizational DEI
  • Enhance your company's innovation, productivity, and finances through authentic connections
  • … And so much more! 


YOU can create a workplace community rich with impactful DEI engagement!

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As educators, we understand that training is a crucial part of DEI work. 
This framework is the supportive backbone of the Bridge Builder Institute.

This clear, scientifically-backed pathway will be your guide as you navigate the people, operations, and practices that you can change to improve your DEI work and benefit from that increased productivity, profitability, and a sense of belonging.


Here’s everything that’s included in your membership. Plus, there will be plenty of exciting surprises along the way as we build out your portal. 


Whether you’re a solo change agent or bringing this info to your team, we offer options that meet you where you're at:

Join our membership as an individual, group, or license this program for your Learning Management System!


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"This experience really challenged me, taught me, made me look deep into what I believe and positioned me to move forward in the DEI space both at work and within my community."

- Barbara A.

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In the past, DEI work had a “feel good” connotation… but now the pressures to make real and lasting change from the employee base within your company, and globally are growing. 

We’re not just talking socially,  there are new regulations coming down the pipeline. So depending on where your organization is currently, that could mean some significant (and needed!) changes are on the horizon. 

But together, we can navigate whatever comes our way! 

We can help you build… 

  • The COURAGE to step out of your comfort zone.
  • The CURIOSITY to determine how.
  • The RESILIENCY to eliminate the fear of failure.
  • The INITIATIVE to change the world!


We're entering a future where not having these skills is actually considered a liability… And that is turning up the volume on the conversation significantly. 

While many industries recognize the ability to reach new markets is essential to remaining competitive in the 21st century...

And acknowledge the financial potential that can come from connecting with underrepresented communities…

Few actually know how to do it.

As companies and organizations create more DEI initiatives, they need people with the knowledge and skills to make a positive (and lasting) change!

DEI is a KEY DIFFERENTIATOR for Companies and Individual Leaders… Let us show you how to create real change! 


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"This training really helped me become more confident in DEI and prepared me to have conversations with others around these issues. "

"This experience gave me an opportunity to be guided through a process to help me better understand diversity, equity and inclusion as well as reflect on ideas to bring these themes to life personally and professionally. "

"If you want to really unpack what privilege, unconscious bias, microaggressions, DEI, and talking about race, and overcoming resistance- this is it! Through this journey, you will learn, apply, and build upon your practice as an Ally!



After a decade of working with leaders in the DEI space, we took the experiences, ideas, and strategies and we created this membership to be a safe place for people and organizations to learn how to be bridge builders in their workplace. 

We’ll show you how to feel confident and make the changes required in your environment to create the workplace of tomorrow… where everyone thrives and shows up whole!

- Deanna and the Uplifting Impact team

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